If you are taking an electric cooker with you….would be great to make some simple food in the hotel room when you are tired of roaming and may be too late to get into a restaurant or you are busy roaming and cannot eat out on time! As home food is surely good when we are out of country or on travel with kids, we can manage a meal or two making it! We can carry such simple dry ingredients which are not too fussy to pack. We can pack the idly plates or small bowls to make idly.

Paruppu Podi Sadham/dhal mix

The rice can be cooked and once done, allow it to cool and mix the Paruppu Podi. Add required quantity of ghee, enjoy this quick rice with some Chips! You can still get your protein from such dry dhal mix which is healthy and tasty!

Instant idly
Can mix the instant idly mix with yogurt, leave it for 5 to 10 mins and steam cook. The instructions are pretty much on the packet. This can be enjoyed with some idly podi. This surely is the comfort food for all ages, good for the tummy and quick to make!

Ragi ladoo 
Dry roast the Ragi flour until nice aroma come out and then add in the powered palm candy and mix well. Now add required quantity of ghee and make them into balls. They can be stored in a container and carried to be had whenever we had like to. This snack gives us the energy and is rich in vitamins and minerals!

Sweet aval/sweet poha
Soak the soft aval, mix it with sugar and enjoy it as a meal or snack! We can mix with yogurt and salt if we don’t want to have them sweet! Aval is surely a dish in minutes, even quicker than cooking some rice, but tastes as good as them.

Thayir sadham/dhahi rice
For all the yogurt lovers, whose meal is not complete without yogurt. Steam cook rice and mash them when they are hot. Add the yogurt and mix well. Add salt and enjoy the yummy yogurt rice with some chips!

Things to grab from the shops in you trip

Instant noodles
Buttercream buns

Things to carry 

Paruppu Podi
Granola bars
Ragi ladoo
Sathu maavu ladoo
Instant idly Mix

These are a few ideas or ways to manage your meals during trips. Sure to help you all on your next trip…..happy vacation and happy eating! Also do try some popular and good local food / dishes during the trip.