Puttu is an authentic Kerala breakfast. We like it a lot and tried making some beautiful and nutritious beetroot puttu….itz always good to add some veggies to out diet…especially if they can make the food more interesting and colourful for kids. Beetroot is a favourite of all in our home and I throughly enjoyed making this colourful dish!

Preparation time -10 mins

Cooking time – 10 mins

Serves – 4

Rice flour – 2 cups
Beetroot – 1 small
Coconut – 1/2

Roughly chop the beetroot and whip it in the mixer to make it into fine grated pieces. Now grate some fresh coconut and keep it aside.

Now mix the grated beetroot to the rice flour and to get the right consistency sprinkle water (room temperature) in the flour and crumble with the hand slowly, add water little at a time. The consistency should be in a way we should be able to hold the flour in the palm.

Now in the puttu maker layer the coconut and puttu flour, take some water in pressure cooker and keep the puttu maker on it to steam cook for about 10 mins. Soft beetroot puttu is ready to be served it can be had with sugar and banana.