Egg is rich in iron and omega–3, it is a good source of protein that can be included in our daily diet. Coconut milk has a natural sweetness, it builds the body’s immune system and prevents diseases. A mature coconut gives better coconut milk which contains beneficial fats. As the coconut milk is high in calories it can be had in limits.

Coconut milk – 200 ml (fresh from coconut)
Egg – 1
Brown sugar – 2 tbsp
Bread – 6


In a bowl take coconut milk, egg and brown sugar and throughly mix all the ingredients together. Take a tawa and once it is hot , dip the bread slices on both the sides and allow it to cook in the tawa. Turn the bread slices from side to side and allow it to cook in medium heat.

Surely the aroma and natural flavour of the coconut milk makes this toast yummy. While it tastes good on its own, we can have it with maple syrup if we love the combination.