Healthy protein rich dosa can be had for morning breakfast. Sprouted moong beans are commonly used in many salads and stir fry. Moong sprouts are nutrient dense, will give enough energy and keep you full till mid morning snack or lunch

Moong sprouts
Idly/ dosa batter

Was the green moong dal and soak it in water for 8–12 hrs. Then drain the water and keep it closed for it to sprout. Check next day and give it a good mix and change the container if there is any moisture. The second day the sprouts come out well and this can be used while making the dosa.

Pour the dosa batter on the Tawa then sprinkle a hand full of sprouts. Cook the dosa on both sides adding in oil if required.

Healthy and tasty sprouts dosa is ready. This can be enjoyed with coconut chutney.