The whole grain wheat pasta are high in fiber and nutrients. These contain fewer calories and provide 3 times more protein than the traditional pasta.

All purpose flour is used most frequently for its soft and lighter texture to make the white sauce. It is unhealthy as they do not contain any nutrients. They are heavily processed and cause diet related illness. In this recipe all purpose flour is not used to make the white sauce.

Fusilli pasta (whole grain wheat) – 200 grams
Olive oil – 2 tbsp
Butter – 1 tsp
Garlic – 4 to 5 cloves
Mushrooms – 10
Milk – 150 ml
Fresh cream – 1 tablespoon
Cheese – 2 slices


Take the pasta in a large pot and add required quantity of water. To this add half a teaspoon of salt to enhance some flavour to the pasta. Now add a teaspoon of olive oil to make sure the pasta does not stick to each other when cooked.

Allow it to cook for  10 mins, check after 2- 3 mins to get the soft and not over cooked pasta. Once they are done drain the water and cool it by showering some cold water to stop them from getting cooked further.

Take a pan and once the pan is slightly hot add butter and olive oil.  The thinly sliced garlic cloves are added and sauteed for 2 mins.

Now stir in the mushrooms which are thinly sliced as well. Add a pinch of salt to get some flavour on to the mushroom and help them to get some water out of the vegetable for faster and easy cooking. Once the mushrooms are soft and done, add in the cooked pasta and mix well.

Now pour in the milk and allow it to cook for 2 mins in a slow flame. To this add salt and pepper as required. Adjust the consistency of the sauce by adding more milk. 

Add the fresh cream and give a nice stir. Finally split the cheese slices and keep them on the pasta to make sure they are evenly spread, give it a stir and finish with some oregano seasoning.

Milky, Creamy, Cheesy yummy pasta is ready!